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PRIME100 Pet Food Review

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Hi Folks,


Did any one tried Prime100 pet food, especially the "Chicken and Veg" roll - pic attached?


I have a 4.5 months old GSD pup who is currently in Big Dog BARF Chicken diet.


I had to opt her to BARF as her poops were sloppy whenever fed on Kibble, whichever brand may it be. 


Feeding her only on Big Dog is becoming a costly affair as with the raw diets since they are priced high over kibble.


The same quantity of Prime100 Chicken and Veg costs lower than half of what I pay for Big Dog.


So, can really appreciate if you any one has used the product and advice whether I can feed my pup on that.





Prime 100 Chicken and Vegetables.JPG

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I've never tried Prime100 but I do feed my dog Big Dog Patties. I'm not sure how big your dog is or how much they need, but I only feed my senior staffy cross (between 23kg and 24kg) 1 patty per day. I spread a box of 12 patties out over a fortnight by feeding half of one for breakfast and half of one plus a tin of sardines or an egg (I alternate between them) with a spoon of plain yoghurt. He also gets a meaty bone like a lamb or Turkey neck instead of the half patty/sardine/egg/yoghurt combo some nights, which pushes the 12 patties out to 14 days and is good for his teeth. If you buy at Petstock and are a member (free to join), you get approx $4 credit per box to use on your next Big Dog purchase, which brings the cost of the boxes down to between about $21 and $24 each, depending on which one you buy (we get the sensitive skin which is $28 before the credit is applied). 


All of that being said, if you have a bigger dog or need to feed a lot more because your dog is growing, then what I shared might be no help at all to you. 

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Have you considered making your own raw food mix? I've found buying human-quality meat and veges can be cheaper than pre-made dog food. Whole free-range chickens cost $8/kg at Coles, which I think is about the same price as Big Dog chicken patties per kg. Chicken peices like necks and legs can be $4/kg.


There are lots of resources online that have suggestions for a homemade BARF diet.

I read this book many years ago but I think you could get the same sort of information/advice for free online.




Or you could try https://vetsallnatural.com.au/ + meat  <they have puppy mixes



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