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Minding a dog for a friend of a friend and may need to keep it

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On 9/30/2019 at 9:43 AM, katrina &jaxx said:

this girl has shown no signs of even missing the old family - weird. Over the weekend Jaxx and the new girl started bonding a bit more so now I'm even more confused than ever, 

Photo attached Black dog is the girl "Harlem"


they both look gorgeous!

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Hi all,


Thanks to everyone who took the time to give advice and comment on my situation. You'll be happy to know that we successfully transferred Harlem into my name this morning! She's ours now! We love her and Jaxx has grown fond of her (even though shes still a little crazy) We hope she knows how special & beautiful she is - I was conflicted at the beginning but I now know that she is where she is supposed to be. A bit of work is needed to train her up but each dog is different and has their own individual personality.

Thanks everyone <3 

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:party:    That is wonderful news.  I'm a great believer in letting the Universe sort things out .. she usually gets things right even if we don't quite understand what's going on at the time.  And my slightly crazy, naughty young girl says - there's nothing wrong with a bit of crazy now and then .   Thanks for letting us know.



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