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I’ve never had pet insurance. I’ve had a few big expenses over the years but I am certain I’m still better off with out it.   I wish I could do the same with my house and contents insurance.  With all the money I’ve paid them I’m sure if something happened now, if I’d banked that money instead of giving it to insurance companies I’d have enough to cover a rebuild.

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A friend of mine is an insurance broker and actively dicourages clients from getting any form of Australian (Hollards underwritten) pet insurance... she recommends going through a broker to get Lloyd's pet insurance, as they actually cover most things and pay with a lot less bullshit/hassle...



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Insurance is a gamble.

If you pay your premiums and don’t get anything back, you feel it’s wasted money.



We have had a a couple of catastrophic illnesses (2 emergency once offs and one long term chronic) and even with rapidly increasing premiums, we are still tens of thousands of dollars better off. And yes, I do mean tens of thousands better off.

We could NEVER save enough to cover those costs by putting money away in a bank account.


if you don’t get to claim against your insurance, you should be happy, you have a healthy dog. 

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