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I'm perplexed

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Yes. Seems to be the new 'responsible'.


Can't have dogs capable of reproducing in the hands of the public. They might actually need to learn some things.  That would be promoting  an expectation of responsibility.

 I suppose no outrage because its encouraged as 'compliance and accountablility' with 'responsible' practice.  

 Backward logic.

I am out raged, and have been beating my head against a wall. Likely too late now to change.

I hope not, but it does need a lot more outrage to do that.  


Stop 'promoting' expectations  based on  the lowest common denominator. Start show casing what can be accomplished without allowing that to be constantly discredited. Celebrate efforts to do better to promote positive expectations. 

Stop expecting perfection to a single set of standards because they will never been agreed, only further defined.

That can never accomodate multiple environments. Only eliminate them till nothings left to stand on..


In short, If any of us want dogs as  HUMANS we have to believe Humans can be responsible for them.

Not governments, corporations or  Registries.

They can only be responsible for their own 'bodies' Attacking them for not doing enough only takes away our own abilities to make judgements based on our own individual conditions, and what, in those circumstances, is best for the dogs and ourselves.

 Allow recognition of a dog fit for purpose even if we don't personally approve of where it came from.


The 'Standard' of a doberman I need to work, in the conditions I live with, might not be the same 'Standard' that 'works' in the show ring or even security. Different purposes.  But the breed is richer for that, not poorer. No less valid.


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