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Unknown sickness in small dog

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Hello! I’m very new to this forum and I cant reach the vet until tomorrow. 


My chihuahua X terrier is around 9 years old and has recently had periods of acting weird. 


She has thrown up twice in the past few days, has had weak legs, and her bpm is 80 (I’m sure is supposed to be 100-140 bpm). She has had random stages of being unable to walk, though is eating and runs incredibly fast still. She will shake and make small noises, sometimes her back arches and she then makes a deep pained noise. 


There is no tick. I have checked everywhere, whole body, mouth, eyes, in between nails, all joints. 


Does anyone have an idea of what could be happening 





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Hopefully you've gotten her to a vet by now... she really needs to see one asap, OK?


My first thought with the limited number of symptoms given is Addison's Disease, but it could also be from a toxin/poison... I can't stress how urgent this might be... or it could be nothing... but definitely best to have those sort of symptoms seen by a professional as soon as possible.



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There is a thing called 'coons disease' - this will often show as a possible tick problem... unsteady in legs and increasing to paralysis.... my brothers dog went to his vet and they thought it was tick however once they went to the neurological vet (which was at the Bondi Vet at the time) they immediately said "Coons Disease" - which has no treatment but just good nursing to keep dog healthy while it runs its course... Friends in USA said it was called 'coons disease' because it is often associated with the 'CoonHounds' that catch it off bites from racoons or skunks..... but often linked to a recent vaccination or even from eating raw chicken.... (might make sense as often racoons and skunks will kill and eat chickens)
I hope this information might be helpful.....

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Just going to add that just because you didn't find a tick it doesn't mean it wasn't a tick. Sometimes when they're done feeding they drop off or they might be so small and not yet engorged that you can't find them. 


If you can please head to an emergency vet, if not, please keep us updated tomorrow when you see your regular vet. 

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