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Need help please

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I took my puppy outside to my backyard for about 10 miniutes. She is fully vaccinated and all that and we have been going outside qhite often. She will normally still have alot of energy when we go back inside but when we did i had to carry her because she does not even want to stand. I tried givving her food to see if she was hungry she refused to eat and i did feed her earlier. The when i carried her to check on her she poops herself. Like it just came out a big chunk of wet poop. And then about 5 seconds later another one came out. At the moment she is still just laying down and refusing to eat. Also i saw her eating grass could that be the cause of this and what should i do.

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If it is not better by the next day go to the vet. Sounds like it has eaten something bad

Don't discount commercial dog food as a source of poisoning. I poisoned my dogs

with a bag of Purina Puppy food given to me by a friend,  said her pup wouldn't

eat it  One of my Labradors had a cup full and vomited for hours, including  what

looked like the lining of his stomach.  NO response to Hotline calls, NO regulations in

Australia as what goes into pet food.  America has had many instances of mass dog

poisonings from commercial food. 

Pups need a good diet, for strong bones, and good health for life

google What homemade food can Puppies eat?

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Hopefully you did get your puppy to a vet just to be sure.   And hopefully the pup is feeling better now.

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