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Last Goodbye 14/12/19


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Your fight is over Shab, no more struggle. I know how hard you fought.  You're reunited with Hoover and Crumpet but the house is now completely empty, it's horrible. My gentle, precious, gorgeous girl, I've never known another with such complete devotion that you showed, you were one of a kind. All who you met loved you and you were so so loved in return. I wish you had been mine from the start but I will forever be grateful for the years we did get together.  No time would have been enough but the memories you have left me with will be held in my heart forever. I will miss all the beach walks and the park get togethers and even the terrible nail trim days - I will miss everything. Sleep peacefully my baby girl. I love you so much.54518166_2235648446492500_8640873501131014144_n.thumb.jpg.8778ca8b093e42885c56e596585e5f62.jpgWP_20170906_011.thumb.jpg.91a37d06327f262bf9f784a0bce5dbd3.jpg

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Something  pretty well all dog lovers know (and I don’t know to whom to attribute this), but “ ’Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."


It doesn’t make the loss any less hard to bear though.  Deepest condolences on your loss, @luvmybulldog.   


Farewell, lovely Shab.  May your reunion with Hoover and Crumpet be joyous.  


:rainbowbridge:   :heart:   :rainbowbridge:   :heart:

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