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Phoenix dog food

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On 22/01/2020 at 1:21 PM, PANDI-GIRL said:

@Sagittarian  Would you know which company makes this new dog food  ( Phoenix )  I found it on  Habitat online pet store

Hello. The 'Pheonix' website won't work for me and the statement Australian and New Zealand owned doesn't help. So many people are now making dog food. A lot is manufactured by Real Pet Food company (even some brands you wouldn't expect) but Pheonix isn't one we've come across. Some pet shop owners commission their own brands as well. From the ingredients I have some thoughts on who is behind it but will do some fact checking first.


I really dislike the lack of transparency in a few parts of the industry!

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A lot of foods are made in the same factory you would be surprised, and although a lot are still made here not many are Aussie owned anymore . 

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