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Lameness in 13.5 yo husky

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Bit of an update on Sonny he is going really well so I haven't added any more meds as yet. I might have to get him a new harness as he is starting to leave me behind on walks like he used to! :laugh:

This video is from about halfway into a 3km walk :o


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21 hours ago, Papillon Kisses said:

He’s such a sweetheart! Just read through the posts again - if you’re still having trouble with nails, try the alternate cut method if you haven’t already. It is amazing. Little old chi mixes have fast growing nails and it’s receded the quicks and kept them in check.


Thanks for the link that's really interesting! I usually have to get nails done at the vets as he's too wriggly for me to do myself especially now ny back is so bad. You can hear in the video he drags that inside hind, I am guessing it's a nerve problem coming from his back but it's only recently it's become more pronounced. 


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I can't believe it's been more than a year since I started this thread and the old boy is still ticking along! So happy with him, just a short clip since my internet is taking ages to upload anything.




He is about the same gait-wise but he is still pretty happy and keen to go for walks so that is the main thing. I tried to convince him to let me pull him along in a cart but that was not happening. Likewise my attempt to convince him to wear boots was a battle that I am sad to say I did not win, you would think I was trying to cut his feet off the way he carried on and they came straight off so that was a write off. 


He had an acupuncture session a while ago which seemed to help so hoping to line that up again. He is still on the neurontin and synovan but we have changed the anti-inflammatory to previcox which seems to agree with him. 


So all in all I am pretty happy with how he is going, I never would have thought he would still be relatively mobile at this age so will take each day as it comes and if he makes it to 15 (early Sept) I will be stoked. As long as he is still waiting at the door ready for a walk every morning and evening and happy to go I will take that as a sign that he is still happy in himself. :)

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Oh, bless him. He looks so stiff when he walks but is clearly enjoying himself anyway. I'm so happy for you that you get more time with him and that he's still in such good spirits. Give your beautiful boy an ear scratch and belly rub for me. :heart:

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Thanks all, happy for every day we get :) Some days are better than others but usually he is way ahead of me and waiting for me to hurry up! 



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