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Wary like bumps

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Hello everyone,


Our male pug puppy who is 8 weeks old has wart like bumps around his eyes and I’m just wondering if anyone has any idea what they might be? Thanks for reading.


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They are most probably 'puppy warts'. The papilloma virus, but they tend to go away with age. They mostly get them around the mouth and muzzle. Puppies don't have a mature immune system so they do get things like that. 

There's also what feels like warts, two of them, one above each eye. They are eyebrows. Sorry I don't mean to infer you don't know what eyebrows are but had to say it.:) 

Obviously I'm not a vet so I'd still get them checked.  

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Hi :) have you checked with the breeder? Also, weren't they there when the vet saw your pup just after you picked him/her up - on the initial "hey, I've just got a new puppy - pls check that he/she is healthy and that everything is where it should be " checkup ? 
Hopefully, they are just a passing thing....
We cannot diagnose for you - as we are not vets, and can't see your gorgeous baby - the vet is the best idea . 

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Sorry can't help with the actual question … but just want to sympathise with the difficulties of having a young pup at this time, when it's much more difficult to do the sort of well puppy, meet the vet and have lots of cuddles and oohs and ahs .. that @persephone and I and lots of others would normally do within a day or two of getting the puppy.


Your first port of call should be your breeder .. .. maybe using something like messenger and sending a little video, with close ups, to ask the breeder if it's something you should be worried about.      If that doesn't set your mind at rest, then I'd say your options would be to contact your vet(or the vets you would be likely to use, and see if you have options of a teleconsult, with photos and video .. some are doing this, .. or a car park consult.  With such a baby, I'd be reluctant to do the handoff in the car park to a staff member to take through to the exam room, unless it was really necessary.


Good luck with you little one … and there are lots of great online resources about how you can do the necessary socialisation of your puppy in lockdown time …... getting pup used to different places, noises, people  .. all the things pup will encounter in normal life.

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