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mini stroke

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My 8 year old Boston Terrier x was perfect one minute, he pee'd inside so i told him to get outside. Shortly after he came in and started circling non stop, we  noticed his mouth drooping and he seemed completely blind in one eye. Besides this, he has been acting normal, eating normal, toileting, playful etc.

The vet said possible mini stroke which affected his sight and hearing and they could investigate further with ct scans etc but not much else they could do but monitor him.

2 weeks on and he is still walking around following walls, completely disoriented in evenings and morning, still blind and  messy eating with his droopy mouth but has a good appetite, he occasionally walks in circles when he gets excited and tries to get somewhere quick. 

The sad thing is, seeing him struggle to navigate his way around and being disoriented ,especially going outside and trying to find his way back in through doggy door. He's not distressed and not in any pain.

Anyone been through something similar? what the outlook is?

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hi :) 
Strokes can be devastating, and life changing . luckily there are things which can help . Two weeks isn't long , in the scheme of things . The damage is done, and he will still be getting used to it  :(
What rehab did your vet suggest , and how did it help ? 
have you done hydrotherapy/physio to help that side of his body which was affected  etc ? 
Has changing the type of food made it easier for him to pick it up/eat it with the lack of jaw control? 
Did the vet, or whoever else mention using scent trails & the like to help him find his way ? 
Does he watch you more for hand signal now, or is one ear sufficient  to understand you with ? 
What else have you tried? :) 

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We have had a dog with a stroke ,her first one was mild so didnt affect her like your dog .
Her second stroke did affect her more like your dog & her quality off life & her safety was affected to much for her so we PTS .

I agree though you need to do physio to try & encourage body function just like a human & modify things to make his thought process simpler/

A puppy pen is very useful at times like this in particular as a safe zone if you go out or the dog is getting at ad overwhelmed & just needs to slow the brain process down

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