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Promising New Cancer Treatment For Dogs With Mast Cell Tumours

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A family member sent this to me tonight and I thought I'd share in case it can help anyone. It's not approved in Australia yet but I've emailed the article to Justice's vet clinic to see if there are any trials in Australia that he might be able to get on to and whether they know anything about it. At almost 15 I'm not putting him through invasive surgery if it's not critical to his quality of life, but I'd certainly have him get injections if it might cure his tumour(s). 


"New Cancer treatment now available for Dogs

Results published today reveal QBiotics’ STELFONTA® removes 75% of tumours

The Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine has today published results from a pivotal canine field study of STELFONTA® (tigilanol tiglate), the lead anticancer pharmaceutical from Australian life sciences company, QBiotics Group Limited (QBiotics).

The study of 123 client-owned dogs demonstrated that in those with Mast Cell Tumours (MCTs), a single intratumoural injection of STELFONTA® removed 75% of MCTs at day 28, significantly higher compared to untreated controls (p<0.001). Further, the trial showed no recurrence in 93% of STELFONTA®-treated dogs at day 84. Importantly, the treatment was well tolerated, and animals had a good quality of life during and after treatment.[1] 

STELFONTA® is a first-in-class pharmaceutical treatment for all grades of MCT now available in Europe with anticipated launches in the USA and Australia, pending approvals.

Dr Chad Johannes, a leading USA veterinary oncologist said, “The study determined STELFONTA® is an efficacious and well-tolerated new option for the local treatment of canine MCT.

“STELFONTA® is administered by injection directly into the tumour. Generally, dogs undergoing treatment do not require sedation or anaesthesia, which carries potential increased risk for older dogs and brachycephalic breeds,” said Dr Johannes.


Cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs [2] and MCTs are the second most frequent canine cancer diagnosed.[3] STELFONTA® represents an exciting additional treatment option for MCT where surgical removal of the tumour mass is currently the standard of care.

The launch of STELFONTA® marks the first commercialisation of QBiotics’ lead anticancer compound tigilanol tiglate and creates a repeatable revenue stream for the company.

QBiotics’ CEO and Managing Director, Dr Victoria Gordon said “The inclusion of our pivotal safety and efficacy clinical study in such a reputable publication as the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine is a significant accolade for QBiotics and reaffirms the validity of the study’s results.

“Having recently launched STELFONTA® in Europe, our marketing partner the global veterinary pharma company, Virbac, will work to distribute the product locally amidst country-specific COVID-19 requirements. We are also excited to announce STELFONTA® will be launched in the USA and Australia, pending local approvals.

“Here at QBiotics we develop our products simultaneously for the human and veterinary markets. The sound results from the tigilanol tiglate pivotal canine field study informs our human clinical program, while revenue from sales of STELFONTA® financially supports human product development,” said Dr Gordon.

Issued by QBiotics Group Limited at https://qbiotics.com"



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Just an update in case anyone is interested. Justice's vet has looked in to it and made enquiries about any trials that might be happening in Australia. She said the treatment sounds very promising but there aren't any trials for Justice to participate in and approval for the treatment is unlikely to happen in time to help him, but may be a good option for other dogs down the track. 

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