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Neglected Blue Heeler in need of rehoming!

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I’m in a tricky, vulnerable situation and can’t report to the proper authorities without putting myself in danger.


In Darwin, NT, there is a house in Giles Street with a blue heeler. Its name is unknown, but it is severely neglected: it’s ribs are visible and it has been eating metal shrapnel & bits. The home owner is named George. In order to protect myself I can’t share more details. I want this dog to be given to someone who will care for it properly!

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Have you tried RSPCA/AWLor Council? Reports are confidential, but I have the feeling that you have to protect yourself because you're the only one who can see the dog? And they would guess where the report came from. :( 


I feel helpless with offering advice. A private rescue, unless they are crazy, can't jump the fence and help without breaking the law. 

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