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Post mortem on pup with syringomyelia?


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Hi all,


The time is coming that I'm being forced to say goodbye to my beloved. She's fought so hard and I'm shattered there is no more we can do. 

This condition is severely under researched in my (toy) breed and I'm hoping we might be able to find comfort in at least getting some answers from her passing. 


Has anyone had experience with this? The animal donation program at Sydney Uni doesn't provide medical reports. 


Thank you.

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Such a hard and sad time for you.  :heart:  :heart:


Several years ago, one of my dogs, a tiny little rescue dog with few breeds in her make up, but pretty sure that Silky Terrier was there, became ill very quickly with fluid on the lungs and died within a few days despite being in intensive care.  The vet treating her at the specialist hospital said it was not known what caused this particular disease so it occurred to me that if they were able to take samples of the fluid in her lungs after she died, it might help their research.  I gave permission for this to happen, but I was told it didn’t give them any insights.  Whether the right people were looking at the samples or not, or they didn’t actually carry out any research, I don’t know.  


What I am saying is the you would need to have confidence in your vet that they actually knew how to do a post mortem for little one and understood the trust you are placing in them to honour you and your dog.   


One of my dogs (elderly Maltese x Shih Tzu) has degenerative myelopathy (aka Upper Motor Neurone Disease) and the symptoms sound very like those for 

syringomyelia.  She is doing very well at the moment, albeit she is very unstable, finds herself caught in tight places, stumbles into the water bowl and her food bowl.  However, she happily goes on little walks and enjoys pottering around the back yard.   I have to crate her at night and when I go out to prevent her from getting caught anywhere and not able to extricate herself.  


Keep the forum updated and know that we understand what you are your beloved are going through.      

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