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To a dear little boy

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You were my neighbour's little dog but we all knew you well from your visits.  Your friendly nature and cute face endeared you to all the neighbours on our acreages.  I'm so glad we were the first to see you immediately after you were hit by the car and ran to get you before another car came along or any of the children around could find you.  All we could do was hold you, wrap you in a blanket and tell you we cared that you had lived, and were sad that you had died so young.

Rest well, sweetheart, you were important.

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This was such a terrible experience.  Although it wasn't us who hit the little dog, it happened outside our place on the road.  The neighbour who thought she hit something came back shortly after - she took her children home a short distance - and was equally devastated, but there was nothing anyone could have done.  Keep your dogs safe and contained, no matter how much the neighbours know and like them.  It's just so sad when this happens.

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Many years ago, a friend of mine who lived up near Gosford thought it was as cute as anything that the little Chihuahua from across the road used to come and visit her Rottweiler.  One day she was visiting me and said she had bad news.  Don’t ask me how, but I just knew and said, “Tiger’s been killed.”  She said in amazement, “How did you know?”  I said that I didn’t, but I knew it was bound to happen.  What adds to the tragedy is that the person who ran him over was absolutely traumatised, but imagine a tiny Chihuahua running across a street dappled by trees - she and Tiger didn’t stand a chance.    

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