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Suggestions for cctv or similar to check on dog while out

Animal House

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Just wondering what other people use, if you have a security cam, baby monitor,  CCTV or similar to check up on your doggo while you aren't home?

I'd like one where I can see it via my mobile phone and check up on the dog in real time, with audio (I won't be talking, just listening)...as well as a recording option so I can watch the playback. Also needs to be portable, as unable to fix it to anything as we are renting.

  I did check out a few security cameras, and specifically pet ones, but those were $300 :scared:.   Plus I'm a bit technically challenged with these things.

It'd need it to be wireless, with audio and a recording feature,  as I'll use it in the back hall where the doggo stays when I go out....which is a few times a week & no more than 2 hours, usually way less.

Just  want to check on what behaviour is going on (slight separation anxiety when I leave, and yes we have been working on that before you ask :laugh: ) and if there is any barking/whining.  Also needs to be portable, as unable to fix it to anything as we are renting.

ETA:  I don't have a laptop or tablet, so a webcam setup isn't an option.

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Thanks Snook, that sounds like a good one.  I like that is had audio, though like you I wouldn't talk into it as it would only make them confused and run around looking for me.
Was the app easy to use?  I've read a few reviews of other cameras that used apps, and a couple of them weren't that great for remote viewing.   Though I can just watch it back later.

Thanks PK, I wish I had a spare device, that would be a great idea as well.


:flower:   Much appreciated advice, thanks ladies.

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