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Transfer of ownership issues


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On 04/09/2020 at 9:01 PM, abbey27 said:

Thankyou for all your replies. I will definitely give PetSafe a call. When you say to just send the form in anyway, do I just leave it unsigned?

make sure you ring the right people.  There is more than one company who run “exclusive” pet ID registers and it can be quite tricky trying to find out which register your dog is on!

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14 hours ago, abbey27 said:

The breeder did actually tell me she was going to flag the microchip so that we couldn't transfer ownership. That's what I'm confused about, can she actually do this even though we own the dog and none of this was our wrong doing?


We want to work this out in a friendly manner, but the breeder was quite aggressive.

Here you can mark the chip as missing. To mark as stolen you generally need a police report. And police tell you it's a civil matter so take it up with a lawyer as property that was willingly handed over not stolen. 


I've seen it work like this IRL and you need to look it up in your state: 

NSW has one microchip register; if I willingly hand a dog to an adopter (fee or not), it's not 'dibs' I own the dog forever.

All it is, is my name on the chip, I can flag as missing all I like. And maybe the dog will be returned to me if it's escaped or scanned. 
But as the chipped owner my legal obligation was actually to sign that chip over asap in a chain of custody if you can call it that.

If I want to fight it I go civil and lose my money because nobody actually stole the dog.


I hope you can work it out without unnecessary conflict. It shouldn't be this messy. You bought the dog privately. You didn't sign an agreement with anyone. Just desex him, tag him and sort the rest out when the breeder calms down.  




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What state are you in? It’s a matter of law and legislative requirements for companion animals and each state is slightly different.

Regardless of state the breeder has absolutely no rights to threaten anything and they’re powerless under the law to do anything too. You legally own the dog (assuming you have proof of purchase) regardless of the previous owners promises to the breeder. 

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