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New Guinea Singing Dogs found in the wild


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We had a singing X  when we lived in Port Moresby - she had the best singing vocalization and was a great watch dog except the local Tom cat beat her up a couple of times :laugh:


I'm not surprised! The NG Singing Dog is a primitive Asian breed along with Shiba Inus and Dingos. If you have ever heard a Shiba in full song you can clearly hear the family resemblance. Also, Loki was terrorised for many years by my neighbours cat who would lie in wait then spring out and boop his tail. More proof that cats are really in charge :D

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Wish I had Ch Pureheel Royal Echo on tape, when the moon was out that boy was a canine Pavarotti.


When he went back to his breeder later in life (he had left her as a puppy)  She couldn't believe it, first night he began singing.


Not only beautiful boy, but exceptionally talented 



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