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Main vs limited registration

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I read with interest several posts regarding the need to sell on mains to continue pedigree bloodlines. I agree.

I am a relatively new small breeder of a currently popular breed. We have a couple of litters a year.

We live 3 hours from capital cities (no showing)  and have just bred as a hobby, selling to the pet market and therefore sell on limited registration.

I have been approached a few times from fellow breeders requesting pups on mains registration.

I have been reluctant to agree to this simply because I am concerned of my liability, as my understanding is a mains registered pup should be fit for showing and breeding.

While my breeding dogs are fully health tested and fall within the specs for this particular breed, I just want to know my responsibilities in the event a pup I sell on mains does not end up being what the purchaser requires. E.g. Infertile.

ANKC do not want to help.

Any advice please?





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there should be no liability if an 8 to 12 week old pup ends up not suitable for showing or breeding. You don't have a crystal ball. But that can be reflected in your contract. Every breeder, if they are honest, has kept a promising pup only for it to turn out a bit of an ugly duckling.

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I agree with Rebanne, but if it would give you peace of mind you can always do up a sales contract that states that you make no guarantee that the adult dog/bitch that the pup grows up to be will be fit for showing or breeding. 

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There are some incredibly ignorant people as to what constitutes a main register pup.


Even a long time friend who is an international all breeds judge, told me it meant a guarantee that dog would achieve Australian Champion in front of its name?

Love her to bits, but really!

Actually there is a footnote to that. Received a phone call from a lady from another state, she had bought a "show and breeding quality" puppy from my friend, she noted immediately its mouth was so out that there was no way she could show it, most judges would non award it even it it was the only one in the class and she certainly would not breed from it. She had advised my friend she was returning the pup and was told she would not take it back, she had rang me to see if I could help. So in that instance it was a case as do as I say, not as I do. I advised her to return the pup personally if she had too. It certainly was not as if the fault had developed later as it grew. Even if the vet doing the vaccination and vet check was at fault for not advising the breeder if she had missed spotting the fault.


Main register actually means one thing and one thing only.

The puppy at the time of registration in the opinion of the breeder is of sufficient quality to be main registered.  FULL STOP.

As anyone knows pups can change dramatically.

The assessment is only that this pup can be used for breeding when adult if the owner so desired too.


It does not mean it will attain Ch status.

It does not mean it will win in the show ring.

I have never understood how ankc members so enthusiastically took on the idea that you can lifetime guarantee a pup when you cant even do that for your own child?


Some where in the rush to be seen as "ethical" and "responsible" common sense went out with the bathwater?


There are actually three classes, The Show quality, The Breeding quality and the Pet quality. Puppies can glide between all three during their growing stages at bewildering speed.


Many times the Breeding quality parents puppies outshine the Show quality parents puppies. 

Seen it so so so so many times happen. 

the story of the ugly duckling is based on fact.

so many fables are lessons to be learnt and remembered.


Now in this age of astounding prices being asked for x breds,  We really need to take a hard look at another we have been continually told.  "not in it for the money"  .

Recently a litter of lovely puppies were offered for sale on Dogzonline for less than half the price of other breeders main register puppies.

Being the curious kind, I contacted the seller and asked the reason.  To be told, "I have always wanted to breed and now I finally can, I am happy to sell my puppies for this price, as I am not in it for the money."


This trend has been getting pretty strong over the years now.


We are not "in it for the money", "the ethical responsible breeder should be selling their puppies for less than the cost of having bred and raised them."


This is a very interesting mind set.


so to attain this goal, firstly no one should join unless they have an independent income and so can afford to breed at a loss.?


That effectively gets rid of what was the backbone of the ANKC membership from the outset.

Dedicated pensioners.


Is it just me wondering why only the independently wealthy are fit to continue a breeding program?


I happen to know that a number of people had decided to buy one of the less than half price puppies and resell at a profit, as they told me their plan.


I spoke to another member recently who has upped their price because they too discovered people were buying puppies from ANKC members and reselling for up to twice the original purchase price?


I think people had better start rethinking this and start deciding on a decent price for the time, work and planning that created the litter they may decide to sell down the track.  


How did denigrating your time and expertise become something to be ashamed of as indicating if you ask to receive a fair price firmly sticks the "puppy farmer label on you ?


You cant get much more pious than decided to become a minister of religion surely? Yet, unless they dedicated themselves to the catholic church and forego wife and children, Our churches ministers, both   are paid to feed, clothe and house their family, yet an ankc member cannot do so, if they wish to avoid the stigma of being called a puppy farmer?


This is the wonderful team at my local church.

You may note they are all staff, they are all paid.

They do not need to live in poverty or be independently wealthy to achieve their dream of serving God and their Church.







so someone please explain to me why to be an ANKC member and keep the breed of you choice in existence you risk being labeled a puppy farmer if you do not toe the poverty line?



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