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Amstaff questions.


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Hi Folks, 
I'm new here. I'm looking at getting an Amstaff puppy. I currently have a 7 and a half year old pembroke corgi furchild and 3 human children. 
I'm hoping to do some kind of dog sport with the pup - obedience and agility. Would an Amstaff be suited to agility? Are they easy to socialize? I have a lot of friends who have a variety of dogs and we regularly walk our dogs together or meet up at the dog park. My Corgi is very well socalized and loves other dogs so I expect he will not be an issue introducing a new pup to the house. 
Are Amstaffs easily trainable? 

I've also seen they can vary hugely in price. Ranging from about $1800 - $4000/$5000 
At what point is a price considered unreasonably low? or unreasonably high? What sort of things should I look for when searching for a reputable breeder?  

Sorry for all the questions. I just want to ensure we get the right pup for us, from a reputable well established breeder. And there seems to be a lot of contradictory information on the interwebs. 


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Haha refusing to run if its to warm. Love it. It would def be a casual thing for me if I were to do agility, but I'd be happy with obedience and a different activity. Mostly just want an activity that'll get me out more, my Corgi is great but he is a bit of a slacker.

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And im ready to put the flame suit on but if you want to refer to & raise your Amstaff like a Furbaby please dont get one .
I have friends who where heavily involved in the breed including obedience .running classes for Am Staff owners & there biggest heartbreak each week where owners who brought the breed for all the wrong reasons & did not respect what they are & felt they could create something different because it was going to be there Furbaby .
There dogs where amazing ambassadors,social,manners to be proud off .The best dog often played with mine in the BIS line up & i never had any concerns as i knew they where owners /breeders who i totally respected ,there have been others off the breed i keep a nice gap .

We board alot of Am Staffs lovely dogs BUT most off the owners have created monsters by not giving them the boundries they deserve & respect to be an amazing dog .Dogs are products off there owners & if you as an owner cant tick the boxes off the breed then no dont get one .
I love them as a breed & the right dog & owner are a great fit ,plenty here come in boarding with smaller mates with no drama's BUT the owners where alos prepare for the what ifs & respected that they are a big machine in a little package & learning manners & self control as a baby so important
One has spoilt the dog so much it has major anxiety issues & this breed can Scream .There neighbours have spoken too them numerous times & i totally feel for the neighbours this dogs scream is blood curdling .

As for price this is a breed that comes with health testing i would be wanting a breeder who health tests,i would want a breeder who explains all the cons before the pros & i would want to source a breeder whose not got the macho attitude & has respect for the breed & wants there puppy owners to be well informed & set up for success & i would want to meet there dogs & see the kind of natures they display

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