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Staffordshire Bull Terriers?

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Hi all :)

Ive been out of the dog training and showing world for a long time now and no longer have all my contacts and we are wanting to add a Stafford back to our family.
We are happy with a rescue or via a breeder, but not sure where to start anymore!
I am in NSW and my husband is in Brisbane twice a week.

Does anyone have any amazing rescues i could start looking at? Or any breeders they would recommend? (NOTE: Im not interested in any breeder who breeds for colour only) 

We are also happy to wait for the right dog.

Thank you :)

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I house/puppy/dog sat for Sandra Smid and her hubby from Blackshot. They are out near Ipswich in Brissie. Very well raised and bred dogs. Their details are here on DOL. Also Best Friends Rescue in Brissie started out as a stafford rescue so get a lot come through and have a soft spot for them.

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