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What causes hair loss in a Tenterfield Terrier?


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I am going to 'inherit' my mothers 12 year old Tenterfield Terrier soon and he has a few issues.

A few years ago he had crystals in his urine and he has been on R/C Urinary ever since.

I will have to take him to my vet when I get him as I don't rate his current vet but in the meantime does anyone know of any conditions that cause hair loss as he sheds white hairs at a rapid rate of knots.

He doesn't have any bald spots but you can always tell where he has been because of the white hairs left behind and I don't fancy them all over my floors so fixing the problem would be great.

Can anyone help?

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They do shed and a lot normally .

there like Dalmatians and English Pointers hair for everyone all year .


Its coat change season for many breeds so hair will be your new friend for awhile aka 24/7 .


Just brush its coat regularly and not with a furminator or the likes they just screw the coats up and people over use them 

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At 12 and with a bit of a health history I'd get request a full blood panel incl thyroid be done. 


But also, yep they do shed a fair bit and he's probably losing some winter coat. A Furminator (short hair version) will help catch some of the extra hair before it ends up on your furniture. 

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