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Lump after spay?

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On Tue Cassie my kelpie girl went in to be desexed, surgery didn’t go straight forward and she lost more blood than she should of. We took her home and had to monitor her closely for a couple of days, luckily she was fine.

Today I have noticed a hard marble size lump at the surgical site, not sure if I should be worried, stupidly I forgot to close my bedroom door during the day and she jumped over the baby gate a few times.

I assume it’s not a hernia as it’s hard but not sure if it warrants spending even more money at the vet tomorrow.


I am super paranoid about anything happening to her as she has been my support over the last 18 months, helping me get through the loss of two children, and having major surgery to remove two spinal tumours.





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I’d ring them and describe it and see what the vet says. Max had something similar. It turned out to be absorbing sutures that weren’t behaving as described. If I remember correctly, they had to remove them like the old style ones. Post surgery consults should be free unless they have to do something unexpected and major.

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Thanks I’m going to ring them as soon as they open this morning.

Unfortunately up here vet visits are expensive and they charge even for follow up stuff.

Its been quite a few years since I had a female dog desexed and I don’t recall any of them having anything like this afterwards.

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I have often seen those hard lumps ... some dogs react to the internal suture material...or it is as they say .I'd suggest  just keep an eye on her- don't panic  :hug:  if there is any discharge , or it appears to change ...then contact them . I guess it will be checked in a few days at stitch removal ? 

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