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On 24/11/2020 at 11:07 AM, Boronia said:



@BDJ and @sheena I just give Henry two chewies when I hear or see the storm coming and around 20 minutes after eating them he has settled down and sometimes just has a nap. Henry's calmness settles the other dogs as they were picking up on his anxiety.

I don't give him the chewies at any other time...only ever for storms

Reading the directions it says if giving more than one tablet to divide the dose evenly twice a day.  so for my guys that would be 4 tablets.  Do you divide the dose or just give it as one dose?

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Update on this.  Four storms so far.  The first two I gave him 1/4 Serapax (Oxazepam) & then I got hold of some Vetalogica Vita Rapid treats & yesterday & today's storm he got a couple of those instead, about an hour before the storms.  The effect on him was much the same. Clearly he is still worried, but not reacting anymore, so that's good.  We havn't had a big overhead storm yet to test it out, but I guess with this hot weather, it wont be long.  

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Have you tried Zylkene?  It is made from a natural product derived from milk and I found them good for anxiety. The info gives thunder storm anxiety as one of its uses.

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