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Dogs sent from new zealand to perth


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cheaper if you  already have your own transport pet carrier. sometimes if its a big one they will let two go together, doubt they will permit 3 though.


friend moved to nz and back again. heaps cheaper when he reused the original crates Call them and get quotes.


Also if you dont already have crates. Either look for someone selling a crate who's imported a dog recently otherwise, it does tend to be cheaper buy the crate from the carrier rather than rent it. great for sleeping in in the car while travelling. n can resell if you want to.


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I would consider  starting at $1500 plus each dog  could be more .
Too much to factor add vet costs,permits etc etc one place may charge more another not .
Obviously will depend on when flights are opened up to Perth from NZ otherwise the quote will be different again with internal .
You need to contact an agency to see how things stand at present & what the current backlog time is depending on when you are looking at coming back  .
A friend brought 2 dogs over a a few weeks back but the wait period & flight guarantees difficult & ended doing NZ to Qld ,Qld to WA .

Simple answer not cheap

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