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Clear discharge during pregnancy

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Is it normal for a female to have a clear discharge of eggwhite consistency when about 5 weeks pregnant?


Hopefully I am worried about nothing  but just on high alert as my other breeding girl absorbed her litter at about this time and I recall she had a clear discharge also.

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48 minutes ago, Dogsfevr said:

Where not vets & we cant see the exact issue ,if your worried go to the vet

Thank you I am aware you are not a vet, I thought this was a discussion forum and was simply asking if somebody had seen this before.

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I have seen this on a number of occasions — have always thought it to be associated with a biggish litter but I am not a vet either so who knows?  However, I am a dog breeder of 40+years and I always use a repro vet for questions during pregnancy.

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If anyone is interested I took her to the vet and was advised that a clear discharge at around day 30 is a normal sign of pregnancy.

She is now due Xmas day. We have 2 further vet check ups between now and then.

So, hopefully no complications.

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