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The Adventures of Hailey and Apollo

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Puppy Jekyll - not a morning puppy 

The effects of a full moon are dramatic on these two 

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Such happy shmooshy faces... I just wants to grab those cheeks and plant a kiss right between their eyes and on their gorgeous snouts...


Methinks Apollo is going to be a very big boy when he finishes growing... *grin*


Luckiest puppies having such an awesome place to live...



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21 hours ago, grumpette said:

Oh my, so much has happened since December, and Apollo has grown so much.


January 2021 in the process of moving house and he is still so little.

20210104_194542 reduced.jpg

20210105_160640 reduced.jpg

Oh, my heart. :love:


Apollo has grown so much! What a fabulous life they have with you. :heart:

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