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Opinions on The Lykos breed in Australia (Dogs in Wolfsuits)

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Far has i,m concerned its a mongrel , plain and simple , nothing wrong with that , had many mixed breeds when growing up and every one of them was a great dog, however they were a lottery as to what you get , and anyone who parts with the big dollars that they ask for these designer mongrels is an idiot,, i own one now got a beutiful ,lovely gentle little 12 MONTH old dog from the dogs home  hes now 5  a perfect lovely looking  little maltese cross schitzu  i think  lovely little white fluffy thing , who,s always at the vet , with ear infections , suffers from anxiety , scared of any loud nojises one minuite , anc a terrific little watch dog the next , but hdh he.s a mongrel  and what you get is what you get , i would never part with him , but i was happy to pay the 450 dolkars from a rescue home , regards paying big dollars  that  they zsk for these dogs no way 

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I just found out that they're putting one of their breeding males or sires up for adoption. Saying he's tested for all genetic diseases. But I know that there were more than one sick puppy from this particular dogs litters. 


This is the post.Screenshot_2020-12-22-17-50-57-55.thumb.jpg.856b9148c854d94c8a6ccde8be74d8d6.jpg

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2 hours ago, Aussiegal02 said:

I don't think it's a good idea to buy from them. I appreciate everyone's opinions it has opened my eyes.

Thank you 

I think that's a wise move. While there is always a risk when buying a living creature there are ways to lessen that risk. Good luck in your search for a new family member.

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