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A New Beginning in Dublin


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After saying goodbye to all three of my precious souls over the last few years coming home to an empty house was unbearable.  All of my dogs have always been the most important purpose in my life. They are the ones who motivate me, make me happy and keep me fit. They are always just there for me and then one day they're not.  I can't function without a special furry being in my life so after losing Shab last year I decided I needed to  welcome a new little one into my life.  This is Dublin - then and now. To say she is a handful would be an understatement but I am loving every minute.

Dublin.thumb.jpg.c377361a8faf3a5bc290e8ef99707d34.jpg Cropped.thumb.jpg.d309152b8ae0c9ae3b5d2e96ab7d7013.jpg


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