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Yes, your dog wants to rescue you

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link to Arizona State University study here  https://asunow.asu.edu/20200528-discoveries-yes-your-dog-wants-rescue-you


In the movies, the hero is buried underground in a box. He cries for help. What to do. His best friend, a dog, hears him calling for help. The dog seems to understand the man is in despair. He stars digging, the true hero of the film. Are dogs really like this?

Researchers from Arizona State University tried out this scenario in real life, with 60 pet dogs and their owners. None of the dogs were trained in search and rescue.



Ready to brave the wild and rescue his owner … or maybe just rugged up against the cold. Photo: Getty

According to a statement from university:

  • In the main test, each owner was confined to a large box equipped with a lightweight door, which the dog could move aside. The owners feigned distress by calling out “help,” or “help me”
  • Beforehand, the researchers coached the owners so their cries for help sounded authentic
  • In addition, owners weren’t allowed to call their dog’s name, which would encourage the dog to act out of obedience, and not out of concern for their owner’s welfare.

The researchers say that about one-third of the dogs rescued their distressed owner. But after taking various factors into account, it turned out that 84 per cent of the digs wanted to rescue their owners.

To read more, go to Arizona State University.




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