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Puppy prices.

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Is there any recommended prices? 

For the various breeds?




I noticed in the Dogzonline litters for sale in  Cattle dogs, two breeders are asking 1,000 each for their puppies.   Others dont put the price . 



This add is among others on gumtree and interestingly realised are not even ankc registered?   They are advertised as ACD's yet all described as stumpy tails?

as anyone who knows cattle dogs, stumpy's do not have black and tan on them.




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thanks Troy I forgot that.


anyway 2000 to 2500 for not even dna profiled is pretty amazing 

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As one told me when I asked, she isn't in it for the money. Which is the mantra I know my friends have been repeating too. I asked them then does your doctor treat you for less than the cost of running the surgery to prove they are not in it for the money? 

Why is your time worth nothing?

We all know how long the hours are raising a litter.

I know when the first one put up the add for 1000 each, I had someone ring me and ask would i like to come and we buy one each? To resell for 2000 .


I didnt, but did wonder how many have?

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