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Tallie-Cat - my beautiful NOT-norty torty :(


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No more warm body on the sore and paining hip at night -

nor companionable purring from the pillow's edge.
Neither the soft warmth behind my knees, 

or those green eyes in the morning light. 

Clive has no-one to play chasey with inside,

and I won't get live mice dropped on my face at stupid o'clock , 

or find bird feathers on my sheets from an impenetrable outside enclosure?
Tallie- you were so placid and friendly even at the vets, left to roam the consulting room , they loved how you rubbed on their legs, jumped onto the benches and explored , and then sat near the computer . I was happy to leave you for blood tests and a dental with some teeth out as you weren't eating . I came home and there was a phone call asking me to phone back . I knew then what the news was to be ,but it was worse than even I thought ,  and felt my heart crack open. I gave the lovely vet permission to send you over the bridge , and you will be buried with others from the clinic in a big paddock out of town - sadly not at home - but as your spirit is free, that part doesn't really matter. :love: 
Love you Tallie -thank you for the 7 years of soul-sharing companionship and purr-therapy . I will miss you terribly every night as I try & sleep ...

May be a close-up of cat

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Most of you will know the feeling. 
My eyes haven't stopped watering , and my heart aches.

To make matters worse, I have a huge bag of  all sorts of yummy  gels/mousses/creams etc that I bought for when she came home with a sore mouth . :( The Boss surprised me - he saw it & said ..."Oh - that's good , you can use that for your kitten " ! 
Yes- I am thinking of the future , and how difficult it is to be a crazy cat lady with no cat . 
Tallie will be an impossible set of pawprints to fill though - we were meant to be together , and I really thought we'd be oldies together :(:cry: 
No hurry ...I'll give the universe a bit of time to make plans .
I have nice memories of her at the vets anyway - exploring the consult room with tail up ...sniffing the scales, looking behind the computer...jumping up onto my knee  she was as happy as I could hope for, and I will treasure that last few minutes with her . 
Thank you everyone  .

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Pers I am so sorry. Some animals just fill holes inside us that we never knew we even had so of course when they leave us those holes become glaringly obvious. But she is still there in your heart doing what she does best. Take time to listen out for her - she wont be far away. X

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So very sorry, Perse.  That is very tough.  Bad enough when we're prepared (as much as we can be) but much worse when it comes unexpectedly.  But so glad that you and she had such a lovely bond.   She sounds as though she was a lovely puss cat.  :(

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