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My dogs have doggy smell a few days after taking a bath.  Recently at the vet, I came across some dog cologne.  But because the dog nose is sensitive, I was wondering whether I should I really be putting any fragrance on them?  Perhaps the scent may be super strong for their sensitive noses.


Also, I love the smell of this:



Its super expensive and I used it for a while on my dog with dry skin.  I didn't really think it did anything but it did me sniff him constantly because he smells really good :D.  Its like a rosemary, orangey smell.


Does anyone know whether there are any dog cologne that resembles the same scent?

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I'm not a fan of masking a dog's smell with colognes and the like. It's purely for us, not for them, and so long as they're clean, I say let them be and enjoy their natural scent. 

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I tried that, but I wasted my money, mainly because I couldn't keep him out of the water.  Every week I would spend at least an hour giving him a really good brush then apply the spot on...keep him inside for another couple of hours & as soon as I would let him outside he would find the dirtiest patch of lawn/garden to roll in :(  Which tells me he hated the smell.


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