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Chow chow puppies

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Hi, new member here I’m wanting to get a chow chow puppie and have looked every where is their any chance I could find a chow chow in Melbourne of course after lockdown is over and could someone tell me roughly how much they are please would really appreciate it thankyou :) 

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have you looked at the breeders on Dogzonline? https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/breeders/chow-chow.asp

You would need to contact the ones you like and build up a rapport with them

If you are searching for pups that are not on Dogzonline here is a facebook page that's worth posting the for sale as you have seen and asking if the breeder/puppies are legit: Puppy SCAM awareness AUST  the link is here

and download this---> Critical information for Chow Chow puppy buyers


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There is no set price so phone breeders .

Dont rush ,find a breeder who has stable natures to start off with .

Make sure your prepared to keep the nature and unless looking at a smooth coat please teach it to love grooming .

We are one off the many groomers who refuse to groom Chows unless we have meet it or referred by a trusting person ,

Sadly far too many are grooming aggressive and go to groomers in terrible condition.


The last Chow we did took 2 off us 4 hrs to clip off 

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