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Public health warning: Mouse Off Zinc Phosphide Bait

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Surrounding farms are starting to spread ‘Mouse Off’ over their crops to protect their livelihood from the impending mouse plague.
This is different to our ‘run of the mill’ rat bait, as there is NO antidote and symptoms can start within minutes to hours after ingestion.
If you suspect your pet has eaten any, stay well away from any vomit and transfer them to the vet clinic with your windows down or in the back of the Ute. As the bait mixes with the acid in their stomachs, it makes a poisonous gas that is toxic to us as well!!!
PLEASE keep yourselves and your pets safe - make sure your dogs aren’t roaming on neighbouring properties and are tied up/secured properly when you’re not home. We have no magic wand for this stuff - keep your dogs in your backyard!
No photo description available.
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