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Amazement Park, Wyong Creek NSW


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The person who has bought the business I work for also owns Amazement Park in Wyong Creek... I went up to get my bearings, and figure how long a drive it was going to be to commute... errr!


I was given free reign to wander wherever I liked (even staff only areas) and take photos of the animals... woohoo! I was good though, and tried to keep my photos to the perspective that a member of the public could/will see and be able to replicate... so if the new boss uses any for social media, the public will be able to get just as close to the animals as I did and get similar angles/shots. AND I only used my short lens! Got REAL close regardless...


There is also a bit of construction going on up there building new enclosures for a few more exotic species that I'll get to work with... woohoo! Totes exciting!


Anyways... here are some of the photos I got yesterday...


Florence Ostrich



Crumpet Camel






Red Deer



Ringtail Possum



Llama (Vicuna?)



Alice Camel (gives good kisses!)



Baby Goat



2 weekends in a row where I got to kiss camels... am I the luckiest girl ever??



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1.5 hours each way on a weekend with little traffic... gonna allow at least 2 hours for weekdays... errr! 100km each way from my place.


The Dural site will be operational until after easter holidays, then all moving to Wyong Creek site...


Worth the commute to be able to work with the exotic species they have there IMHO...



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1 hour ago, grizabella said:

This is where Central Coast Zoo is going to be, isn’t it?


Yep... that it is... already undergoing transformations now...


We have meerkats!!!




... and antelopes...




Keep an eye on their Facebook page @grizabella... the boss tends to advertise there... https://www.facebook.com/Central.Coast.Zoo ... and/or here https://www.facebook.com/amazement10


There will be primates... monkeys, not apes... but that could change - the boss is a very resourceful guy... lol!



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