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It's massively promoted on social media and I don't feel comfortable with the lack of disclosure as to who formulated it and their background, testing etc. Their website is super vague, all it says is made and owned in Sydney. 


But I am always sceptical about brands that promote on Instagram etc and you never see them anywhere else

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On 02/04/2021 at 10:52 AM, Indi The Lab said:

Researching dry dog food and trying to learn about all the differences. Has anyone tried this Pet Food Australia brand? Any thoughts on ingredients?




My first thought is local is good.

Second thought, why grain free?

Third though...'meal' can be top quality or junk, depending on what was ground and how it was treated.

Final though: 16% fat is higher than I'd want to go for a Lab

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It’s nothing special, brands like Meals for Mutts are similar at a better price – $200 for a 20kg bag is ridiculous. The only ‘ground breaking’ addition is hemp, which you can add yourself and is probably better to do, so you can control dosage.  

It’s not uncommon to have bits of other kibble through the bags, mostly bits that are dyed red and green, as well as bone shapes, that don’t look too dissimilar to Lucky Dog or Whiskas kibble. They also remove reviews that have any negativity, as well as questions, and they won’t clarify who actually makes the food. 

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