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Chinese crested cross poodle skin help

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I just rehomed a 6 month chinese crested cross poodle yesterday and love him to bits already, but he is covered in blackheads and pearly white spots, his skin is very very dry too, he is mainly hairless on his body apart from his head, feet tail area, I think his previous owners bathed him every other day, that I think is to much as it removes natural oils from the skin, I have organic coconut oil, that I'm thinking might help him, but need advice on how often to apply it and will it make the blackhead and spots more troublesome for him, 

His chest skin is sooth and clear but his upper back and neck are covered, also his ears look like they want to stand up but one is up and the other is down most of the time xx


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Cheers LmO, I haven't been on DOL for the longest time! Thanks for the PM, for some reason my DOL notifications don't work. 

@Beckiesmithyour boy (who is gorgeous by the way!) might be going through a teenage stage which often results in skin issues in cresties. Bathing every second day is too often, I prefer to wipe over every day with fragrance-free baby wipes and then lightly moisturise until the skin settles down a bit and you can get into a regular cleaning routine. The main thing is for the skin to be clean. Is he wearing coats or jumpers? Be careful with fleece and other non-breathable fabrics if he has skin issues. I like to have a cotton shirt on first so that's what's next to the skin, fleece coats can go over the top. While treating skin issues I change the cotton shirt every day, as well as giving a wipe over with the baby wipes. Make sure the skin is dry before putting the shirt back on. 

It would be worth getting a vet to check his skin just in case it's actually a staph infection or something else that might need medication. They can do a skin scraping to check. 

Happy to chat further if you'd like to, my notifications don't work properly for DOL so you can send me a message on facebook - I'm Jo Van Dee (my profile pic is a crestie :)

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