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Main register, limited register? Pedigree? Breeding whats required ? Can somone explain please

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1 hour ago, asal said:



So where did the graded dogs come from?   The general pet pool of people who love stumpies but none of their dogs are ankc registered, thats where.


so why the hysteria about knowing a pedigree is perfect for legions of generations when the actual health and diversity of the breed is the real issue.




Identifying clear examples and including them in the gene pool should be top priority regardless of if they are already pedigree or outstanding unregistered example of their breed.


Even the ankc left that option open decades ago for just that purpose.







I suspect that option won't be very effective in future


On 28/04/2021 at 8:38 AM, asal said:



only POCTA compliant puppy farms are allowed to keep and breed dogs?



The move to get rid of BYB  has been effective. 

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The main issue with breeding animals that have been registered with *other* registers is that there is no way to verify the pedigree is a true record of lineage. The reason a pedigree has inherent val

I suspect the nuances of registration and regulatory bodies and genetic verification etc are lost on the OP who is simply looking to make some $. 

For someone who says they don't want to breed you sure are very interested in the whole process.   

20 hours ago, moosmum said:



I suspect that option won't be very effective in future


The move to get rid of BYB  has been effective. 


more like criminalising anyone who breeds.   It is more than curious how strongly the politicians have moved to criminalise all who have dogs.


Yet the lack of focus  or legislations to protect the elderly when three royal commissions over how many decades? Have failed to address even one of the long list of recommendations to be done?

The weekly, with Charlie Pickering only pointed it out again yesterday, ONE in three are assaulted in nursing homes, left sitting in their own excrement, food so poor quality 2/3rds are suffering malnutrition?


Then there is the silence and no legislation improvements addressing domestic violence, despite the fact more than one woman a week is killed, the latest burnt in front of her children? the little boy beaten to death by his father and that's just for the past week?

Not even safe in parliament house and what does scotty have to say when they marched?  "lucky they are not shot"  


but they placate the masses by demonising dog owners and breeders?

I am beginning to suspect its a ruse to deflect attention to the cruelties that are too common place to the elderly n vulnerable  in the community.,


Give the mugs something to witch hunt so they forget what else we are doing nothing about because THAT might get a few pollies in trouble and actually cost money 


billions are needed to save the elderly



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meanwhile how is it going, this "elimination of puppy farms?"


Well someone said there have been less than 5 in the past years.  yes years, not year.  I know of only two.


Well Phil Adam's in 2019 was "raided" and four of his retired pets were seized on the grounds that they were not allowed to live on the property without an individual fully enclosed run for each of them.

(pocta rules remember)

despite the fact that they had his home, veranda for dozing rights and fully fenced acres to play.

They also seized two white cockatoos he was keeping until their feathers had grown back, (he is an RFS Volunteer) he had found them burnt after a recent fire on the grounds he didn't have a license for wild cockatoos and they only had seed to eat and no greens in evidence in the cages.

Phil was so disgusted when they began to inspect his three breeding dogs he told them to take everything.

so they did.  He had been told if he surrendered his old dogs and the birds and signed them over he would not be prosecuted.

So he signed them all over believing he would never had to see the bastard Rspca AGAIN.

He was mislead and mistaken.

Like the headlines below, next he knew were the Headlines,   "Londonderry Puppy farm seizure, charges to be laid"  He did intend defending himself, that is until his solicitor did the math and he realised sane people (well anyone who hopes to keep their home anyway) plead guilty no matter how well you know your innocent.  so he now is a guilty as charged felon.


The family below fell for the rspca's offer to take your pets if you can no longer care for them

the lady in question, has dementia, her family asked the rspca if they would rehome her animals as she was going into  a nursing home.

So imagine their amazement after the ever so helpful inspectors came and took them for rehoming. To see these headlines the next day?  since when was being invited to come defined as a raid?




note none of the oodles are thin, or unclipped, remember they only photograph the "worst cases" ten minute brush of the 2 nd dog and it too  perfect for resale.  go google what the rspca have for sale, pens and pens of seriously big dogs.


Meanwhile how many hundred's women and children have died in domestic violence incidents in the same 2 years?

How many thousand's of mistreated and dead due to neglect were reported in the latest nursing home investigation? 


Learned that the hard way, my mother finally, took her six weeks to die as the gangrene destroyed her heart and organs, from the day the nursing home finally sent her to hospital with bones hanging out of the bed sores !  After two so called doctors failed to diagnose after a fall she had broken her hip,  REALLY!   despite 12 weeks of telling them "my mother is in agony" .  so she survived 12 weeks of unremitting agony shifted from bed to chair to bed before she was finally surrendered to hospital to die?  Months of trying to get investigated and incredible stress, to learn the two doctors involved were "reprimanded, given 3 months retraining AND free psychological recovery assessment".  No cruelty charges laid , she wasn't a dog, she would have been far better off if she had been. 


curious to say the least, hence my suspicions, give the masses a witch hunt to deflect their eyes from the real suffering that would cost the govt billions to address, whereas the public will donate towards animals and cost them very little.


sad this race cares more about witch hunting to "save" pets, the vast, vast

majority of which are fine, than care a fraction of the same for the vulnerable of their species?



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On 29/04/2021 at 4:26 PM, moosmum said:



I suspect that option won't be very effective in future


The move to get rid of BYB  has been effective. 


yes the membership of the ankc has gone from about 33,000 in 2017 to 22,000 in  2020. 


Just as I pointed out to Nancy and Betty, everyone who has a backyard is going to be targeted as a BYB. SO its certainly eliminated a lot of ankc members.


no figures for the tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands that are not traceable members of a breed organisation.


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I suspect the nuances of registration and regulatory bodies and genetic verification etc are lost on the OP who is simply looking to make some $. 

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