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Cavaliers eliminating MV and Syringomyelia

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talking to a cavalier breeder recently.

we both realised there is one way to eliminate these from the breed and return them to the 15 to 17 year lifespan the breed once had.


coming from a family and friends heavily involved with CSIRO animal health I am well aware of the potential of frozen semen and eggs from animals later found to be free of major late in life defects.


Also  well aware of how useful cloning can be in an environment where millions are available to do this work. Ive seen sheep worth 1.3 million EACH.


so where am I going with this.


I well remember the ankc asking for donations to stop mrs furbur having access to records when she began a court case, the members raised over 80,000 to cover the legal fees for what to me was a frivilous case. She was a director why not give her acess to the records? the excuse she was wasting staff time confused me, why not just open the door to the files and leave her to it.

they lost the case anyway.


BUT  it did show members can be asked for donations and contribute.


so?    why not get all cavalier owners to donate towards the collection and freezing of semen and eggs for future storage.   then yes only a small percentage of the dogs donated will live MV and Syringomyelia free into their teens.   


BUT the dogs that do are worth GOLD to the Cavalier King Charles breed. 


ditto for the king charles if they are also included.


So what to do next?


use the semen of the successful dogs to the eggs of the successful bitches and you have an instant generation of puppies with a very high expectation of being free of both conditions.


Now this is where things get even more important.   these puppies will belong to all who contributed.   so down the track as they are bred from the members can be balloted to receive puppies and semen to continue the lines and expand the clear gene pool.


also equally important, if enough money is  raised.


any dogs that were missed in the collection and turn out to be clear into their teens the owner can be asked would they please allow dna samples be collected and cloned.   YES ITS expensive but costs are dropping annually, Barbara Streisand  has three clones of her favourite dog.



Even though this sounds like science fiction this approach can be used to identify and return to the gene pool dogs found to be clear even though they had become infertile or desexed.


This can be used to improve the gene pool of any breed.   Stud cattle and sheep and goat breeders have been doing this for decades already.


It needs something the dog world is sadly short of theses days of too many with the mindset that no one gets access to my precious bloodlines.


If we want our purebreds to continue free of health issues we need to work together for the good of the breed, not ego's , this is the way to go 


Ending the present climate pushing that only x breds are the way to go


Cloning has made incredible strides since dolly the sheep.

In Japan they have a legendary wagyu bull who is still serving, he is a clone, of the clone, of the clone, from the original bull.

I think there is a 4th generation of the 3rd clone growing up to replace him.


in america there are three clones of a legendary racing mule. one has just been kept by the uni who cloned them, the other two are winning races, achieving the same speeds as the original racing mule.






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