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recommendations for treat puzzle/dispenser please

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Hugo has a treat dispenser shaped like a kong, that wobbles, but he empties it really quickly. 

Can anyone please recommend some treat puzzles or dispensers that keep their dogs occupied for a good amount of time (filled kongs only work in certain situations so I need some other things)

Thank you!

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Justice always went through treat dispensers really quickly and I found the easiest ways to keep him occupied for ages were basic things I did myself. Hiding treats all over the house for him to sniff out and find. Smearing peanut butter inside empty toilet rolls and then twisting each end closed, so that he'd have to get the rolls open before he could start on the peanut butter and then he'd spend ages licking it (although he wasn't a dog who ever ate food wrappings and I still supervised him doing it just in case.) Packing a cardboard box tightly with empty toilet rolls and then sprinkling treats in it, which would mean he had to work out how to get the rolls out to get to the treats. 


The only store bought item that would keep him busy for about 20 minutes was a lickimat with the squares on it (he ripped up the ones with the little nubs on them.) I'd use either peanut butter or the chicken flavour Ziwipeak tinned dog food. 




You can buy them from lots of places but that's the type I was talking about. You can also get other designs and tough ones for chewers. 



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Have you tried the 2/3litre clear plastic  juice bottles ? A small amount of treats/ kibble inside...place it on lawn or where ever..and let him puzzle it out  :) because I  can't afford to buy the really good puzzles, our dogs just get these ! It takes them a while, especially  if there are a few larger slices of Apple in there to slow the flow !

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You can make wobblers more difficult by putting a tennis ball or scrunched up pieces of paper in it. 

Snuffle mats are fab. May need supervision depending on the dog.


Scattering their food on the grass for them to hunt out is an excellent activity. Sniffing is calming for dogs.

If you’re on Facebook, check out the Canine Enrichment group. 

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