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Is an extra 1000 worth mains register?

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1 hour ago, Dogsfevr said:

You are wrong 


so which states other than NSW register a litter without having to parentage verify?


Be nice to know Karen isn't the only brave Chair.

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6 hours ago, moosmum said:

These dogs you speak of are discredited at every turn. And so we create the world you just descibed.


A tragic example of natural selection, when response-ability  and purpose is lost.


When a dogs value to the community lies in its 'Standard'.   Its 'State of being'.  Defined, predicted and clearly marginalized.

As opposed to the diversity of purpose served by its presence in our communities.


The belief is promoted that we should support nothing 'less' than predicted, clearly defined and marginalized states of being. Standards or statehoods.

And then discredit the alternatives in  disgust because the support given is not equal.




Thanks Moosmum. I wanted to reply to the bait but couldn’t get my emotions out of the way :banghead:

thank you for your excellent response as always  

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On 02/05/2021 at 6:22 PM, Mikey88 said:


But if i intend on breeding just dogs for the purpose of people wanting it as a pet then no point paying the extra cash for main register aye ? 




You need to work out your own purpose for wanting to breed dogs. If its just to capitalize on what others want, then its commercial , or to make money and you are looking in the wrong place for market research.

Look in the market place.

You will also need to research the legislation to ensure you have the means to do it. If its worth doing, its worth doing right or its not worth doing at all.


We may disagree on the best ways to do it, but this forum is primarily for people who are more interested in how our actions can benefit dogs, and the people who keep them, not sales.

There are a lot of reasons people might want to breed dogs, but I'm pretty sure all here agree the subject is the dogs produced, and the value breeders bring to that subject.

Not the best way to make money from it.

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19 hours ago, asal said:


so which states other than NSW register a litter without having to parentage verify?


Be nice to know Karen isn't the only brave Chair.

@asal its off subject for this post but to answer you, we only have to DNA parentage verify pups we are registering on mains here in sunny Qld 

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I have just tuned back into this discussion & I can't believe that the OP is still persisting with his/her questions. I have always thought that this forum was for discussion on the breeding of pure bred dogs & the training & general discussion on ALL dogs in general.  Mickey88 is wasting everyones time with this business when he/she obviously wants to breed oodles (cross bred mongrels) & cash in on the lucritive market. He/she is already trying to find the cheapest option, so I imagine he/she will not be spending much on health testing etc, as it is all about profit & possibly the beginnings of yet another puppy farm :banghead:

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