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Looking for a dog - its complicated these days

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Our 10 year old terrier cross Astro succumbed to severe renal disease in Feb this year. He was blind and such a sweet boy who is badly missed. Our other dog Cassie a Jack Russell mix seems happy enough but I am pretty sure she also misses her doggie mate. Recently we began searching for another small dog as we have always found two is pretty right for us. There's a pic of our Astro [aka Dobby] below


We have tried facebook adoption groups and websites selling dogs so far. The dogs for sale websites look rather dodgy I have to say. The face book links seem never to be up to date or dogs are gone before we get a chance to get an application in. A rescue dog would be fine but also considering breeds to get the right dog. Anything up to 4-5 years old is good


My question is: Does any one have advice on the best way to go about our quest?



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What a lovely boy Dobby was.  I agree it seems harder to adopt in recent years.  Have you had a look at Jack Russell Rescue's facebook site?  Jill is an experienced rescuer who rescues and rehomes Jack Russells and their crosses and although based in NSW, I think they will adopt interstate as well (not sure where you are).  Dogzonline has a list of breeders of pure bred dogs and they sometimes have ex show dogs for adoption.  You could also contact reputable rescue organisations and let them know what you are looking for and leave your details so they can inform you if a good match for your family becomes available for adoption.  Good luck with your search!

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The Dogzonline list is here https://www.dogzonline.com.au/breeds/dog-breeders.asp


Great rescue site is here https://www.savour-life.com.au/adopt-a-dog/search-now/

Keep in mind with both rescue and breeders, we're coming off the tail end of being absolutely bombarded during Covid. So please be kind to exhausted people and if you want to stand out send more that 'I am looking for a puppy/dog'. :)  

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Astro/Dobby looked so cute :) I hope you have success in finding a new companion - it's not easy, what with COVID & all - but I'm sure there is someone out there waiting for you  :love: 

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