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Unusual toys for puppies

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Recently I've become the parent of a lovely Pomeranian. I noticed that he is in awe of the cat tree - he sleeps in the house and sometimes spends time on the lounger. He is indifferent to the rest of my cats' toys. I am thinking about buying something very interesting for him. What are the most unusual toys you've ever bought for your dogs? Do you have any tips? I want something extra special.

UPD: Googled and found something interesting. Here are some ideas https://catspurfection.com/best-cat-trees-for-large-cats.html  Will be helpful if your dog is also mad about cat trees

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It’s not (or shouldn’t be) unusual, but scrap the food bowl and feed from enrichment toys. Snuffle mats are a good starter, just supervise at first. If you’re on Facebook, check out the Canine Enrichment group. Hope this helps!

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I personally like to teach my dog to eat from a bowl and enrichment another activity .

Why a friend who is a diehard enrichment person has just dealt with a sick dog where feeding was out off the normal and with extended vet stay and the dog had no clue how to eat from a bowl and it became a dilemma.


As for toys it’s what ever works for that dig .

Mine think the toilet roll inner is the greatest toy and cardboard boxes ,another is a teddy nut .

Don’t over think it .

With our boarding kennels dogs we do food hunts with the flat sports markers with hole in the top,fill the toilet roll inner with food so they can shred ,bubble wand anything is possible without making it expensive or ordering everything .


On Amazon you can buy pet sensory mats 

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Mine are “toilet roll inners/cardboard box”  mad!

Empty juice bottles with kibble or something else that rattles in them are also popular.

We never have tennis or other balls except for retrieving training,  for playing we use raw apples or oranges.

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