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Best medicated shampoo and conditioner

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My Amstaff X is prone to itchy skin, paw fungal/yeast infections and I'm on the hunt for the most effective shampoo/conditioner..ones that won't irritate/dry out her skin too much ( BTW ..do dogs get dandruff? As I've noticed tiny white flaky stuff on her coat...)

Vet suggested using Malaseb, but primarily for her paws, and perhaps during body flareups- use on whole body, and use a milder shampoo/conditioner more regularly.. I'm wondering if anybody has tried the Blackmores medicated paw range,?

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@tdierikx put me on to F10 shampoo as she uses it for her bad-skin rescues, it's pretty good excellent

I found that Vet Products Direct was the most economical place to buy

Here's the linkie to the product---> F10

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