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Adopting an adult Standard Poodle - your advice please!


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Hi there, looking for some advice.


I have previously owned a miniature poodle who, as a 14 year old gentleman, crossed the rainbow bridge two years ago. He was an absolutely gorgeous, loving, happy boy from Rose Dillon on the Central Coast whose kennel name was Bobkins (I understand she passed away a few years ago too). 


These days, my husband and I have a 7 year old daughter and two Siberian Forest Cats (who are nearly 10kg each!). We'd like to add an adult male Standard Poodle to our family but as we're about to start a rebuild of our house, we wouldn't be ready to welcome a new dog for another two years.


I wondered if it was worth reaching out to breeders now so they could get to know us properly? The idea being that when we are ready to adopt a retired male, we'd have been vetted as a suitable pet home.


What are your thoughts? Start reaching out or cool our jets until closer to the time?



Pic for attention - we don't mind colour. Looking more for temperament :) 




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To be honest as a breeder i wouldn’t know what I’m doing in 2 years and things may change for you .

I would wait to a time you now you are close to being able to commit too and meet the Breeders current to then .

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