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Pets dying in Mickleham quarantine facility

Tempus Fugit

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Sounds pretty valid points.  They shut down Eastern Creek because they were too lazy to spend the money to prevent another viral escape like the Equine Influenza that shut down so much of eastern Australia.


made a motza selling it for an industrial area instead of using the profits to build another in a far more suitable area that was not so close to peoples homes and pets, dogs, cats and horses, susceptible to the infections that can arrive at a quarantine station that could be infected and thus spread it.


A shuttle stallion at the Victorian facility also had Equine Influenza from the same flight as the NSW infected shuttle stallion.   The difference was it didn't escape the Victorian facility and infect the local Victorian horses, unlike Eastern Creek.


considering how much they charge to hold these animals its unconscionable that there is no care or vet staff on hand 24/7


Although considering the proven unconscionable attitudes of politician's  over the last months and years sadly not surprising.


Demanding better election promises would be a solution, unfortunately past election promises have proven that they will promise anything to get in and then do as they please instead.  Well remember a radio host, Stan Zarmanic, suggesting a pool be donated to sue Paul Keating for failing to deliver an election promise and within minutes over $250,000 had been pledged and lines jammed with people wanting to donate.


A barrister called and advised him unlike a tradesman giving a quote and being held to account for substandard result  for it. the laws do not permit the suing of a politician for breach of promise.  





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