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High Lymphocytes in Pomeranian

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On Friday I took my beautiful little Ruby to the Vet as she had developed a cough. Not continuous but every now and then she would cough. It sounds dry. She had also gone off her food. This started on the Tuesday but I couldn't get an appointment till Friday (in Sydney, in a lockdown LGA so appointments are difficult). The cough had eased somewhat and she was eating a bit better by the time we got there.

The Vet suggested some blood tests and a steroid injection which of course I agreed to. $300.00 later and she has today told me that Ruby had a very high lymphocyte count, and she would like to do another lot of blood tests(which she could check in the surgery in 30 minutes). I have just come back after this second blood test and her lymphocytes are still very high. Some of her lymph nodes are slightly enlarged. 

They have now suggested xrays, biopsy of some lymph node and a dexafort injection - a cost of $1000.00. She suspects Lymphoma.

Please do not think for 1 second that I begrudge paying, because I do not. It's just that never in her 11.5 years has she needed anything like this so I'm not sure if this is the normal cost for something like this. 

Has anyone had a dog diagnosed with Lymphoma and what was the prognosis?

We rescued Ruby when she was 3 months old, from the RSPCA. She was surrended to them and had suffered sever trauma to her front left leg so bad that they had to amputate. I seen this sorry looking 3 month old, 3 legged puppy with fur like steel wool, and a shaved, stitched patch and fell instantly in love with her!! We are all heartbroken.

Thank you in advance. I appreciate everyone's feedback and experiences.

Photo to show you just how beautiful she is ♥


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I'm glad you are moving quickly on this as it's a very progressive disease.  


I hope it all goes well for you.  She is a lovely looking dog.

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