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Dog won't touch barf patties

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Hugo has started on some anti anxiety medication and its reduced his appetite.  I've been mixing a bit of fish or raw meat in with his usual dry food which has worked well, but for economy sakes I thought I'd buy ready made barf patties to mix in.  He won't touch them. I tried a beef one and a chicken one.  Could it be an ingredient like yeast or garlic that he's not used to that smells bad to him? 

I suspect I'll just need to make them myself and not add garlic and yeast because the other ingredients are just meat, veg and fruit, egg, which hes had before


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Mine won’t touch any of the pre-made patties. They aren’t really that fussy- they will eat raw I make, cooked I make, Prime 100 rolls and most kibble but they refuse to touch those patties. I don’t know if it is a texture thing or a flavour thing. 

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The reduced appetite should only last perhaps a couple of weeks as his body adjusts (if it doesn’t or if it worries you speak to your prescribing vet). I’d feed the dog in front of you for the time being and reassess in a few weeks as things might change.

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