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Though I would update on Toka after her 8/9 months with us.


She has filled lots, much healthier. Her chest is not too narrow anymore. 


She has a natural attraction and love of children I'm very happy with. 


She seems to pick up very well on language/communication  and is becoming much better at it herself. She likes that she make us laugh. Impulse control is ongoing, but she is very biddable otherwise. A good alert. Seems quite intelligent!. She has just about learned to open the front door :eek:


Her old owners came to visit and watching them interact showed me where some of her worst habits came from! She is very mouthy- Likely from having fingers hooked behind her front teeth for a tug game. :mad Jumping up was also encouraged, so still being worked on.

She has great body awareness and is quite athletic.


Her preferred toys are ones she can wrestle- An old motorbike tire, a traffic cone. Her tug toy was destroyed very quickly.




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